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Lake Erie Walleye, Steelhead, Perch and Bass Fishing Charters


As a Lake Erie Charter Captain and Guide, I would like to THANK YOU for visiting our site! 


I can't wait for the 2006 Season to begin because the 2005 Season provided an excellent year of fishing.  We caught plenty of walleye, steelhead, bass and yellow perch.


Lake Erie's Western and Central Basin  has proven over the years to be a Gold Mine for catching BIG Trophy-size fish. Yes, Lake Erie is alive and well! It is the southernmost, warmest and most productive of the Great Lakes.  According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife Lake Erie has the most species and the largest fish harvests of all the Great Lakes. A diversity of habitats, which include: major tributaries, reefs, rocky island shorelines, and deep-water flats account for the abundance of Lake Erie's Sport Fishing. Lake Erie frequently produces more fish for human consumption than all the Great Lakes combined.  Sport fishing is a keystone recreational activity on Lake Erie and a prime economic driver of the coastal tourism industry.


When is a good time to visit Lake Erie for Trophy-size Walleye? Early April, May, June, July and August are typically considered prime months for Big Walleye's! However, anytime beginning April and ending November is excellent fishing for Small Mouth Bass, Steelhead, Perch and Walleye.  


If you don't have a boat and want to enjoy the fishing on Lake Erie than consider a fishing charter. Ohio has the largest licensed charter boat industry in the Great Lakes, currently numbering almost 800 captains.


Lake Erie offer's a wide variety of angling fun for novice and experts anglers alike.  Trophy walleye, steelhead, smallmouth bass and perch await those anglers who fish the Sportfishing Capital of the World.


The hot Spot for walleye on the Central Basin this year was found in shallow water East of the Chagrin River only a few miles out on the lake in 25-52 feet of water.  We had excellent fishing from mid May through June in these waters.  We caught plenty of trophy walleyes.  The biggest of the season weighed in at 13 lbs and measure 33 1/2 inches long.

JUMBO Perch were are also caught early in the season in 30-36 feet of water.  Fall Perch fishing provide limit catches with plenty of perch in the 13-15 inch range!

These trophy walleye were caught fishing in only 24-31 ft.  We used 10' and 20' jet divers with scorpion spoons and worm harnesses with leads in the range of 50-90' feet.

Check out the monster Walleye on the top rack!!

These Steelhead (Lake run Rainbow Trout) were caught using downriggers and directional diver program.  In fact, it was nearly impossible to keep lines in the water during the peak of the steelhead season.  If you enjoy pure steelhead excitement request a time during the July and August months!
The Spoons that worked best year round: Watermellon colored (half orange with black spots/half green) Scorpion and/or Pro King spoons; black and purple colored Scorpion and/or Pro King spoons. Confusion and Shrimp colored spoons also worked well.

Yes, we name our spoons. Here are some other names: Shrimp; Bloody Nose, Monkey Puke, Rainbow Trout, Fire Tiger, Superman, Halloween, and Bumble Bee). Can you guess the colors?


Big Walleye were taken off planer boards using jet Divers or small dipsy's at 100-150 feet back. Big Dipsy's were catching fish 100-150 ft back on a 3 setting, 80-125 ft back on a 2 setting, and 75-100 ft back on a 1 setting.  All these techniques are taught to our customers.  We have everyone actively participating in handling rods and setting lines.  At the end of the day you will understand all this terminology and go home sounding like a PRO.


The Captain trolled at 1.5-2.0 miles/hrs. It helped to use sea anchors to slow the boat down.


Downriggers were targeted for depths that produced great steelhead action.
Average Walleye size was 5 - 9 lbs.  We took a number of walleyes that were over 28" and 10 lb plus.  Captain Bernie's experience on the lake has resulted in at least one Fish Ohio Walleye or Steelhead pure trip


Average steelhead size was 6-12 lbs.  Biggest Steelhead was 34" and 15 lbs
The biggest walleye of the season and on the lake for 2001 was taken by my dock partner a massive 16 lb walleye!!!  Just missed the state record by 0.19 ounces
Small Mouth Bass were taken in good numbers off the bubble near the Perry Power Plant early Spring. Bass were caught using either live minnows or Berkley Power Bait fished just off the bottom!!

Stay tuned for more reports as we continue the 2006 fishing season!  Tight-lines!



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